Inaugural Organ Concert

On Wednesday the 30th of September I was fortunate to be present at the Inaugural Organ Concert held in the Grand Temple at Freemasons Hall in London.The refurbishment and renovation of the Henry Willis Organ had been carried out by Harrison & Harrison of Durham,

Freemasons Hall


and this concert gave everyone present the opportunity to witness the results of their labours. Thomas Trotter, Organist of St Margaret’s Westminster Abbey and Birmingham City Organist was the man chosen to entertain a gathering of over a thousand guests, and did so with great skill and virtuosity.

The Grand Temple at Freemasons Hall showing The refurbished Henry Willis Organ

The programme was varied,featuring compositions from JS.Bach, Liszt, Eric Coates,and probably the greatest Masonic composer of all – Mozart, with his ‘March of The Priests’ from The Magic Flute being particularly well received by a very appreciative audience.




More concert’s are planned for next year,and a visit to Freemasons Hall to hear this wonderful instrument in it’s quite magnificent setting ( which is open to the public ) is strongly advised.

Frank Laird Welcomed by a Metropolitan Grand Steward
Frank Laird Welcomed by a Metropolitan Grand Steward

Bro. Frank Laird. SW Willows Lodge No.5343